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 Pockels Cells

We offer KTP (KTiOPO4) Pockels Cells, DKDP (KD2PO4) Pockels Cells and BBO (BaB2O4) Pockels Cells, each with Kerr effect and Pockels effect.



KTP (KTiOPO4) Pockels Cells 

Main features:                                                                     

♦ High damage threshold                                

♦ Deliquescent                          

 Operate at low frequency with high duty ratio

 Compared with DKDP crystals, the piezoelectric resonance is very low

 Small HV voltage required (2x) compared to BBO Pockels Cells

 Standard clear aperture: 4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8

Typical applications:

♦ Frequency doubling and mixing of neodymium-doped lasers

♦ Pulse pickup of high repetition rate laser  

 Q switch of high repetition frequency laser with 1 kHz - 6 MHz

 Femtosecond laser field

DKDP (KD2PO4) Pockels Cells  

Main features:                                                                     

♦ Superior electro-optical coefficient and high anti-light damage threshold

 No static birefringence, dull refringence damage

 Compact design for easy adjustment

 High contrast and transmittance

 Good tolerance to the environment

Typical applications:

♦ Military and aviation laser systems 

♦ Laser cavity dumping and pulse picking

 High speed camera switch, electro-optical Q switch

BBO (BaB2O4) Pockels Cells 

Main features:                                                                     

♦ Low piezoelectric ringing effect

 High repetition rate and damage resistance

 Low absorption loss and high UV transmittance

 Wide transmission range (200-2000 nm)

 High damage threshold and extinction ratio

Typical applications:

♦ Regenerative amplifier control

♦ High repetition rate DPSS Q switch

 Laser cavity dumping applications

 Beam chopper


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