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Nd:GdVO4 - Neodymium Doped Gadolinium Orthovanadate

Nd:GdVO4 laser crystal has similar properties to Nd:YVO4 laser crystal, and has excellent physical, optical and mechanical properties.



We offer:                                                                         

♦ Different sizes and frequency doubling crystals can be customized 

♦ Coatings according to customers' requirements

♦ High quality quality assurance


Main features:                                                                         

♦ Good thermal conductivity                                                               

♦ High laser damage threshold                                                            

♦ High laser output slope efficiency                                                    

♦ Wide absorption bandwidth and large absorption coefficient, with little dependence on pump wavelength

♦ Good laser output polarization

♦ Stimulated emission cross section is large

Typical applications:

♦ 1520 nm laser for telemetry

♦ 1520 nm laser for ranging

♦ 1520 nm lasers for remote sensing applications

   Transparency curve of   Nd:GdVO4                            Emission curve of Nd:GdVO4

       NdGdVO4.png                           多加Nd-GdVO4.png

Technical Parameters

Argument NameValues and Ranges
Size tolerance(W ± 0.1 mm)x(H ± 0.1 mm)x(L + 0.2/-0.1 mm)
Dimension tolerance30
Clear aperture90%
Flatnessλ/8@633nmλ/4@633nm(thickness less than 2 mm
Wavefront distortion< λ/4@633nm
Parallelism< 20 arc sec
Perpendicularity< 5 arc min
Doping concentration0.1%~3%
Quality warranty period1 year (with normal use)

Crystal Structure and Physical Properties

Argument NameValues and Ranges
Crystal structureTetragonal
Spatial groupsSpace group I41/amd
Lattice constanta=0.721 nm,b=0.635 nm
Laser transition4F3/2----> 4I11/2
Output wavelength1062.9 nm
Emission cross-section(at 1064 nm)
7.6 × 10-19cm2
Absorption cross-section(at808 nm)
4.9 × 10-19cm2
Absorption coefficient(at808 nm)
74 cm-1
Refractive index(at1064 nm)
Thermal conductivity(<110>)
11.7 W/(m × K)
Density5.47 g/cm3


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