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AGSe - Silver Gallium Selenide

AGSe (AgGaSe2) crystals have band edges at 0.73 and 18 µm. Its useful transmission range (0.9–18 µm) and wide phase matching capability provide excellent potential for OPO applications when pumped by a variety of different lasers. Tuning within 2.5–12 µm has been obtained when pumping by Ho:YLF laser at 2.05 µm; as well as non-critical phase matching (NCPM) operation within 1.9–5.5 µm when pumping at 1.4–1.55 µm. AgGaSe2 (AgGaSe2) has been demonstrated to be an efficient frequency doubling crystal for infrared CO2 lasers radiation.



Main features:                                                                     

 High frequency doubling efficiency for mid-infrared laser                              

♦ It can be used for optical parametric amplification, optical parametric oscillation and differential frequency generation                                 

♦ The application wavelength can reach 18 μm in the middle infrared                                

♦ Optical narrow-band filtering in the region near isotropic points

Typical applications:

♦ Generation second harmonics on CO and CO2 - lasers

♦ Optical Parametric Oscillator

♦ Different frequency generator to middle infrared regions up to 18 um

♦ Frequency mixing in the middle IR region

Transparency curve of AGSe

AGSE 曲线.png

Technical Parameters

Argument Name

Value and Range

Size tolerance

(W +/-0.1 mm) x (H +/-0.1 mm) x (L + 1 mm/-0.5 mm)

Surface quality

60/40 after coating 

Clear aperture

> 90%


< λ/8@633nm for T>=1 mm


< 30 arc sec


< 10 arc min

Orentation accuracy


Quality warranty period

1 year (with normal use)

Crystal Structure and Physical Properties

Argument Name

Value and Range

Crystal structure


Crystal parameters

a=5.992 Å , c=10.886 Å

Melting point

851 °C

Mohs hardness



5.7 g/cm3

Thermal conductivity

1.0 W/M/°C

Thermo-Optic Coefficient

dno/dt=15.0 x 10-5/°Cdne/dt=15.0x10-5/°C


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